Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stinky Towels: De-Mystified!

Once upon a time, a lovely young lady received a set of towels for her bridal shower. Even though these towels served her and her new husband well, they began to eminate a not-so-fresh scent when they became wet. The lovely young lady's mother pointed out time and time again when she visited her daughter that her towels needed help, but nothing worked! She tried cleaning and sanitizing the washing machine and she even resorted back to heavily scented detergent. She tried softener, and then no softener but nothing made them fresh!!

This lovely young lady came across an idea on Pinterest that was very popular with others. This made her feel at ease, since she was not the only one with not-so-fresh towels. She followed the directions of one hot cycle with one cup of vinegar and then a second hot cycle with 1/2 cup of baking soda. After drying her towels, they were as FRESH AS NEW!! And this lovely young lady and her family lived happily ever after, clean towels and all.



  1. Definitely going to do this since it worked for "that young lady". ;)

  2. This happened to andrew & my first set of towels!! sadly I threw them out due to the smell so I cant try your remedy! Will definitely pin this though in case I encounter this issue in the future :)