Monday, April 30, 2012


I love this means essentially to look inward, to examine oneself. Usually I do not write about these deep subjects but after my weekend, I just feel that I need to share. I'm a type A, anxious person and if you have meet me before you may or may not have come to see that. As I have grown, I have learned ways to balance myself out but sometimes when one's ways are so deeply seeded it becomes truly difficult to change. I've heard it too, "people can't change". But, the way I now think of it, one doesn't necessarily have to "change" but one can grow & evolve.

OK, you're going on a tangent Jenn....what the heck are you talking about?!? Before I start, this is a YOGA post :-) I love my much so that I am working through my teacher certification. Its a 200 hr journey and really, it is just that: a journey. Sure, I'm learning how to teach and sequence the poses but also these trainings look at things much deeper than a physical practice. It's about living your yoga; in one's actions, in one's thoughts, in your life. This weekend was all about the brain and how one processes things. How we perceive ourselves. I was able to really look at myself and see how I listen both to what I need and just listening to others. What I do in my own life that makes me a better person and what might inhibit me. I feel a sense of calm but also a new sense of purpose. I'm going to get a journal I think, and maybe start jotting things down and even write down simple reminders to keep myself on this positive path. I'm just so excited to bring more of yoga into my life rather than just on my mat! Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yet another thumbs up recipe to try!

This little gem was one of my first pins on Pinterest and I finally gave it a shot. I needed a quick easy dessert, perfect for a quickie get together, and this seemed to fit the bill. What I like about it: Simple & inexpensive. I think the only thing I would "do-over" would to let the cool whip soften a bit more so it was more spreadable and give it more time to freeze. Did those thing make a huge difference overall? Heck no--it was delish!! Perfect spring/summer treat!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Short follow up to last post!!

It WORKS!!!!!!! I've hated cleaning the cooking area since, well, since I've lived with my husband. Finally something that cut the grease....Try it!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pinterest Cleaning Tip

Not sure about your appliances, but our stove gets this horrible film on it thanks to cooking with olive oil. We also have one of those over the stove microwaves so as you can imagine, or maybe sympathize, that sucker gets greasy too. It's been a few years now that I've switched my cleaners to more eco-friendly brands such as Green Works & Method and granted I like that they're better for the environment but none of them gets that yucky grease off!

I came across this lady at Five Chicks and a Farmer, via Pinterst of course, who makes her own cleaners. While I am not that creative enough to come up with my own recipes, she has a list of her own ones tried and true!! I picked up my Lemon essential oil the other day at my local Whole Foods and am going to give this appliance de-greaser a go. Anyone ever make their own cleaners??? Wanna try this too and compare results?!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Twin Bed Success!!!

So, I took my mom's advice and replaced Evelyn's toddler bed (from the convertible crib) with her twin from the guest room. I tried to pump her up all day Saturday with a trip to Target, picking out new sheets etc. I switched our bedtime routine just a bit to reading stories in bed rather than downstairs on the couch and then we just cuddle with the lights off til she starts to drift. Granted, I still have to sneak out all Mission Impossible-like BUT there's been absolutely no tantrums at bedtime the past two nights! I'm so excited!!! As she gets more comfortable, I am going to decrease the bedtime cuddling until it's back to the way it used to be: lay her down and peacing out :-) I'm so so grateful for regaining a little bit of adult time at night back!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Life, in perspective

We've been going through a horrible stage. For the past 2 months, my once easy sleeper had "forgotten" how to sleep. I know, I'm lucky, but Evelyn has been a wonderful sleeper since very early on. We have no clue why, but she refuses to go down. I stick to our routine of bath, books, cuddle, bed and it worked until recently. As soon as I go to get her in bed she pops back up from her doziness and firmly states "I don't want to lay down". ::Cue screaming and tantrums when I leave the room:: NOTHING has worked so far; I've tried the reassuring role thinking it was a separation anxiety thing-nope didn't work. I ended up more tired & stressed because she would have a fit if I left the room. Recently we've tried a family memeber's advice of putting a gate up so that if she leaves her bed when I attempt to leave, she can't follow. I can't say that this has failed but I am growing weary of the crying and "I want mommy" that we hear until 10 pm (as she sits at the gate).

Here's the perspective part: Friends of ours were due to have their first baby boy in July. I happen to go on FB last nights and apparently she went into pre-mature labor and delivered this week. Two and a half pounds. Here I am complaining about my kid not sleeping but I have a healthy and happy daughter. While I am certain they will get through this and their little man will grow up and thrive, I can't help but to look at the pictures of the little guy in his incubator and have nothing less than a heavy heart. I guess what I am getting at is sometimes we all need a little reality check and this is mine. I'm going to hug my little girl as much as I can and know that whatever freakish stage we're in is so minor in the bigger picture of things. As with anything, I'll take this day by day and our friends are likely doing the same.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Fun

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!! I loosened up and let Miss Evelyn indulge in all sorts of Easter treats, so needless to say we'll be on a candy detox the next few days :-) We had an Easter miracle last night: Evelyn went right to bed, no fighting, crying or tantrums. After almost 8 weeks of horrible bedtimes, finally something worked in our favor!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Make Me!

Thank you Pinterest for helping me find this delicious recipe for Panera's Thai Chopped Chicken Salad.
Mommie Cooks came up with her fatanbulous version and not only was it quick and easy, I didn't have to go out and buy all sorts of crazy ingredients. Only thing I couldn't find was the Thai cashews so I subbed regular peanuts that we happened to have from a Pad Thai recipe I tried and was still yummmmmy! Try it, you'll like it I swear :-)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hello Mrs. Slacker Pants

Whoa what a whirlwind of a week (or two)!! We've been so lucky to have my mom visiting us from Florida that my attention has turned away from my blog but have no fear I am back. Let's see, what has happened in the past week....well my poor little babe had her first set of stitches :-( I swear she's not the most delicate flower in the bunch. After just recovering from the school playground mishap, she somehow cuts her lip (I think on the coffee table) this past Friday and because of the location, needed sutures. Sure it was a small cut, but I know that any facial laceration should be repaired because of the chance of scarring (how do I know? I work in sports medicine, silly!). If we didn't get it evaluated, I could just see her at 18 cursing me for not fixing it and leaving her with a Tina Fey scar. She handled it like a champ and they come out tomorrow. So, here she is, two little stitches and all: