Monday, April 30, 2012


I love this means essentially to look inward, to examine oneself. Usually I do not write about these deep subjects but after my weekend, I just feel that I need to share. I'm a type A, anxious person and if you have meet me before you may or may not have come to see that. As I have grown, I have learned ways to balance myself out but sometimes when one's ways are so deeply seeded it becomes truly difficult to change. I've heard it too, "people can't change". But, the way I now think of it, one doesn't necessarily have to "change" but one can grow & evolve.

OK, you're going on a tangent Jenn....what the heck are you talking about?!? Before I start, this is a YOGA post :-) I love my much so that I am working through my teacher certification. Its a 200 hr journey and really, it is just that: a journey. Sure, I'm learning how to teach and sequence the poses but also these trainings look at things much deeper than a physical practice. It's about living your yoga; in one's actions, in one's thoughts, in your life. This weekend was all about the brain and how one processes things. How we perceive ourselves. I was able to really look at myself and see how I listen both to what I need and just listening to others. What I do in my own life that makes me a better person and what might inhibit me. I feel a sense of calm but also a new sense of purpose. I'm going to get a journal I think, and maybe start jotting things down and even write down simple reminders to keep myself on this positive path. I'm just so excited to bring more of yoga into my life rather than just on my mat! Stay tuned!!

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