Sunday, February 19, 2012

Do things come in 3's??

Ya know, when it rains it pours. If you own your home you know that when things tend to break, it's never just one thing or an easy fix and I swear our house got the memo the we just got our tax return. Ok granted our house was build in 1940, so for 70+ years old she's doin' pretty well but COME ON!

It started with our bathtub--when we moved in almost 4 years ago, our one full bath had on of those Re-Bath thingies that covers the old bathtub. Obviously we have no clue what the original tub looks like. Well there's a squishy, bubble type feel when you step in. Hmmm that can't be good. I noticed a really small bubble maybe a year or so ago but this has definitely grown. Well, I listened to my mom and you tubed what the problem might be. BAD IDEA. I guess over time water begins to leak into between the old tub and new tub because the seal isn't always perfect. Over time, that "squishy" feeling appears and mold can grow. EWWW! Let's be clear, I'm a type A neat freak, so it appears to be fine on the outside but my mind is running on what's going on under that liner. I could totally be overreacting but I want that thing out pronto!! So what does a person do? We have one full bathroom so a complete re-no is out of the question now, not only for the complexity of the project but heck who has 10 g's to drop with little notice? Not us. Replace the liner? Well wouldn't that just be doing the same thing and we'll have the same problem down the road. Last option is to rip out the liner and re-glaze or re-finish the original tub. I'm kinda leaning towards this, but I have yet to speak to the one company in the area that does it. Does anyone have any experience with any of the above??

Next problem: Yesterday our microwave died. Really, REALLY? I guess one doesn't realize how much a microwave is used til you don't have one. Seriously, how am I going to heat up water for my hot chocolate? :-) Ok lame, just kidding. Fortunately that was an easy fix; Evelyn and I took to Sears, after I did my research online of course, and purchased a new Kenmore over the stove microwave. Ok, I'm a little excited about this purchase cuz let's face it who doesn't like to update. I remember the times when Jager Bombs were excited and listen to me, I'm swooning over a new microwave. Lame-o. Eh well I guess comes with the territory of maturity.

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