Monday, February 27, 2012

Munchkin Monday

My one post per week dedicating to schmoozing over my kid :-) We've had a lot of "mommy and me" time the past few weekends because of M's crazy coaching schedule but it's been great. I get a lot of mommy guilt because of late work hours but we've certainly made up for it. At  2 yrs old she has such a personality and LOVE it. Yeah yeah, you hear about terrible twos but I don't know if I'm buying into it. To me, these kiddos at this age are just struggling to adjust to the world around them. They have new found independence, maybe with the potty or with speech and they just need figure things out. We're doing well though, at least I think. I get those "oh the terrible two phase" comments when I tell people her age but I think it's overrated. With some patience, and beer when the little ones go to bed, both the kids & parents get through it and grow together.

Her speech amazes me everyday. My students at school ask me if she talks and I just have to laugh! The kid talks non-stop and maybe I'm just used to it by now but she narrates everything. She keeps me busy, that's for sure! What did I ever do with my time before she arrived?!?

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