Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Woot Woot! Pinterest Tuesday!

Yay, my fav time of week-talking about Pinterest :-) So if you're apart of this website you know how addicting it is...I've made so many things both food and cleaning related that it's so hard to choose which to feature! This week I chose Slow Cooker Lime Cilantro Chicken from Pip & Ebby mainly because I have had it put aside in my "to make" pile of recipes and finally got around to it.

I haven't all positive results when doing chicken in a crock pot; maybe it's just me but I find that it usually dries out. This recipes gets my stamp of approval! I did tweak it just a bit, only cooking for 5 hours on low rather than 6 and it came out perfect. I used chicken breast and it literally fell apart and spices were delish. Honestly, you can use your imagination on how to use the chicken; maybe over rice or as chicken tacos but I opted to make tostadas on corn tortillas.

I saw that a lot of my pinterest friends had pinned this recipes so thumbs up guys, this recipe is a definite make. Happy Tuesday!!


  1. Sounds yummy! I'm totally obsessed with pinterest as well!

    Oh and question, do you love your crock pot? I've been debating over one for years now!

    1. I do enjoy ours quite a bit! We use it a lot in the winter for soups and easy dinner for when our work schedules are hectic :-)