Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pinterest Cleaning Tip

Not sure about your appliances, but our stove gets this horrible film on it thanks to cooking with olive oil. We also have one of those over the stove microwaves so as you can imagine, or maybe sympathize, that sucker gets greasy too. It's been a few years now that I've switched my cleaners to more eco-friendly brands such as Green Works & Method and granted I like that they're better for the environment but none of them gets that yucky grease off!

I came across this lady at Five Chicks and a Farmer, via Pinterst of course, who makes her own cleaners. While I am not that creative enough to come up with my own recipes, she has a list of her own ones tried and true!! I picked up my Lemon essential oil the other day at my local Whole Foods and am going to give this appliance de-greaser a go. Anyone ever make their own cleaners??? Wanna try this too and compare results?!


  1. I love making my cleaners. I've used various formulas from pinterest to clean different things in my house. I love it.

  2. You would probably like this book. Green Clean (like 5 bucks on amazon) or Green Beauty (homemade beauty products)They have a whole list of cleaner recipes. The main thing I do is vinegar for everything (wood butcher block, scuffs on walls, odor in the air). For wood, olive oil(or mineral oil), vinegar and lemon scent. I put them in spray bottles. For the gross grim on stainless stuff you speak of, just castile soap and brillo pad.