Friday, April 13, 2012

Life, in perspective

We've been going through a horrible stage. For the past 2 months, my once easy sleeper had "forgotten" how to sleep. I know, I'm lucky, but Evelyn has been a wonderful sleeper since very early on. We have no clue why, but she refuses to go down. I stick to our routine of bath, books, cuddle, bed and it worked until recently. As soon as I go to get her in bed she pops back up from her doziness and firmly states "I don't want to lay down". ::Cue screaming and tantrums when I leave the room:: NOTHING has worked so far; I've tried the reassuring role thinking it was a separation anxiety thing-nope didn't work. I ended up more tired & stressed because she would have a fit if I left the room. Recently we've tried a family memeber's advice of putting a gate up so that if she leaves her bed when I attempt to leave, she can't follow. I can't say that this has failed but I am growing weary of the crying and "I want mommy" that we hear until 10 pm (as she sits at the gate).

Here's the perspective part: Friends of ours were due to have their first baby boy in July. I happen to go on FB last nights and apparently she went into pre-mature labor and delivered this week. Two and a half pounds. Here I am complaining about my kid not sleeping but I have a healthy and happy daughter. While I am certain they will get through this and their little man will grow up and thrive, I can't help but to look at the pictures of the little guy in his incubator and have nothing less than a heavy heart. I guess what I am getting at is sometimes we all need a little reality check and this is mine. I'm going to hug my little girl as much as I can and know that whatever freakish stage we're in is so minor in the bigger picture of things. As with anything, I'll take this day by day and our friends are likely doing the same.

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