Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hello Mrs. Slacker Pants

Whoa what a whirlwind of a week (or two)!! We've been so lucky to have my mom visiting us from Florida that my attention has turned away from my blog but have no fear I am back. Let's see, what has happened in the past week....well my poor little babe had her first set of stitches :-( I swear she's not the most delicate flower in the bunch. After just recovering from the school playground mishap, she somehow cuts her lip (I think on the coffee table) this past Friday and because of the location, needed sutures. Sure it was a small cut, but I know that any facial laceration should be repaired because of the chance of scarring (how do I know? I work in sports medicine, silly!). If we didn't get it evaluated, I could just see her at 18 cursing me for not fixing it and leaving her with a Tina Fey scar. She handled it like a champ and they come out tomorrow. So, here she is, two little stitches and all:

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