Saturday, March 3, 2012

Q T with my best gal

Wrestling season always seems to bring me to the question, am I really married? This is a joke :-) But thankfully we're almost done with this long sports season. This weekend M is out of state, taking 2 of his wrestlers to compete in the New England Tournement--pretty big deal in these parts :-) We're talking the best in the areas states and the guys have to qualify to get in. With dad since Friday morning and not returning until tomorrow me and Evelyn have been enjoying our mommy & daughter time. Yesterday when I picked her up from "school" and came home, things were a little iffy (everything I did brought on the water works from her) but dramatically improved this morning!

Had a great breakfast together, I cleaned and vacuumed while she played ** high five myself for not relying on the TV here** then we had lunch and painted our toes :-) She's gonna be a girly girl, I can just tell.

Then we took some cheesy pics on my phone to send to daddy...

We joined all the 5 bazillion other people at the mall and shopped a bit then my partner in crime crashed in the car on the drive home. So, here I am blogging away in my few moments of quiet time. Have a good weekend!

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