Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ta-da!! Pinterest Tuesday is here!!

Ok so I picked a popular pin to try out; almost every mom I follow on Pinterest had this one pinned so I figured it'd be a good one. French toast, who doesn't like it? Heck I STILL love it :-) Once a Month Mom suggested this recipe to make a ton and freeze. This is her pic:

I opted to bake my own bread with this recipe, adding a few tweaks. If you've ever thought of making your own whole wheat loaf, this recipe rocks! Tried and true by yours truly.

Ok anywho, the recipe is awesome and I love how it sneaks in veggies for my uber sneaky eater. Even M & I have eaten it for breakfast!! Here's proof positive:


  1. Looks good to me! Going to have to pin that baby! YUM!

  2. You might like this recipe.
    To make it simple, I just do a standard egg mixture and cinnamon, then bake. I like the texture of the french bread. I freeze them and just defrost and throw in the toaster.