Friday, March 16, 2012

Time-Out Thursday, ahem Friday

Well, I got lazy yesterday and didn't blog but with good reason. I was an errand running nut, trying to get a bunch of stuff done before the dreaded return to work on Monday. This week has been great for mommy time and this weekend will be pretty darn good too. I took two pretty challenging vinyasa yoga classes this week with a fabulous teacher; those kind of classes really help clear my head and re-center me. Re-centered Jenn=happy, patient mama. So, Ive been a good girl in the "making time for me" dept.

This weekend has been something I've planned for the hubbs since January and he's really looking forward to it. We love our beer in this household, so much so that my husband began brewing his own from scratch a few years ago. There's one particular brewery/brewer that has always caught his attention so for his 30th birthday I planned a road trip down to Delaware to visit it. We're heading down to Dogfish Head Brewery with another couple for the day then slowly working our way back home to return on Sunday. Little adult weekend away should be good for an uber busy working married couple!!

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  1. Dogfish Head is my favorite beer. The 60 minute IPA and the 90 minute IPA are fantastic, although a bit dangerous and we just bought an entire case of Aprihops.

    We took a trip to the Sam Adam's brewery a few years ago and it was awesome.